Introduction of the Triple T Sixty-minute Daily Practice Program

Triple T Sixty Minutes Daily Practice program is designed to help you stay in shape during on or off-season. The program has been structured in such a way that during the hour, you will work on every aspect of your game. These aspects include: This is a great workout program that athletes in all skill levels can use to stay in shape during the summer. Since Triple T Sixty-minute Workout is a time-lined program, coaches don't have to be there to monitor the athletes. Coaches can periodically check athletes' times on certain drills like the speed layups to see if they are working out on their own.

Important Tips to Know About the Program

Becoming a better athlete through practice requires more than working out with high-profile coaches or high-powered. An athlete must understand what it takes to succeed through practice (see Success Secret through Practice). The athlete must also be dedicated, serious, and most important, find time to practice his or her weak skills while maintaining mastered ones to get better.

Preparation for the Workout

Before engaging in any strenuous activities, take time to stretch and prepare your body for the workout. Jog lightly around the court to raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to the muscles. When stretching, be sure to include exercises that stretch your legs, back, arm, abdominal, and back muscles since you will exert these muscles in the exercises. Remember, stretching will allow your joints to go through their full ranges of motions when working out. Stretching will also facilitate your muscles quick recovery from muscle soreness.


Sixty-minute Daily Workout Program is composed of constant and time-lined drills. The time-lined drills require that you execute them within a certain time. This means you will work on your speed of executing the drills while maintaining the accuracy needed to make the required number of baskets or jumps within a given time. The constant time drills are designed to help you develop your stamina as well as work on the proper technique for executing the drills.

  1. Jump ropes (Time-line)
  2. Step jumps (Time-lined)
  3. Rim or wall touches
  4. Defensive Slides
  5. Rebounding (Spider) Drill
  6. Dribbling (Open-court)
  7. Speed lay-ups (Time-lined)
  8. Passing
  9. Jump shooting (Time-lined)
  10. Pivoting
  11. Inside out key drive (Time-lined)
  12. Base-line jab-step drive (Time-lined)

* After each drill starting with Rim or Wall Touches, shoot ten free-throws. Your aim is to make 80% of your shots. At anytime, if you miss three free-throws, make speed lays for the remaining shots.

For description of the drills, contact Coach Odhiambo at or click on How To Reach US below, and check the appropriate box. Coach Odhiambo contact as soon as possible.


First, work through each exercise individually to familiarize yourself with drills, and also see how you match up with the Triple T time. Use your times, and your physical condition to set a realistic goal when starting the workout.

Your goal is to work through the entire program regardless of your execution time. You can walk through the drills in the early stage and if you get tired, bu try not to stop (long break) and then continue. On the next day, try to better your time gradually.

Don't get discouraged if your time is a distance off the target. The main goal is to be able to get through the whole workout none stop irrespective time. As you work to lower your time, you will notice considerable change in your game and confidence.


If your execution time is five minutes off the targeted, you need to work on the individual drills that are slowing you down. before incorporating it to the program. For example shooting. If you take more than 15 minutes to make 60 shoots, you need extra work on shooting. During the workout, you are working on your speed of execution while maintaining the technique developed earlier.


Dribbling: Add other styles of dribbling for example behind the back, between the legs once you get comfortable with the drill.

Shooting: You can either dribble to the spot, or toss the ball out and reach out for it. You can also toss the ball out, reach out for it, fake shot and dribble to a desired spot before launching the shot.

Drive shots: You can use cross-over dribble, reverse spin, and another dribbling technique that you are comfortable with and make the layups in front of behind the basket. You are limited by your own imagination when it comes to variety.


The magic behind any workout or anything that one does is finding the time to do it with dedication and discipline. This will be the most difficult workout you have every gone through, but the rewards will be unlimited. You will not be able to go through the whole workout on the first try or even after two weeks. If you do get through the workout, your total time will be a distance off the Triple T targeted time. Don't give up, continue to work through and set a goal to lower your time to by a certain period and enjoy the program. If you can get go through the whole program none stop, irrespective of the time, you will notice start seeing the progress immediately.

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