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Joe Odhiambo –clinic in Durban South Africa Joe Odhiambo – clinic in Maui, Hawaii Joe Odhiambo- clinic in Durban, South Africa” align=

Great Summer Camp Guest Star Speaker

Joe Odhiambo Guinness World Record 2006 Summer camp season is here, and most camp directors will be looking for coaches, counselors, motivational speakers, and entertainers who can help create lasting memories for their campers. Joe “the trick-star” Odhiambo is a veteran when it comes to summer camp programs. He is just the right guest-speaker/coach to provide your camp with the summer spark. Joe O has been performing, coaching, and speaking at camps since 1989. His amazing qualifications, makes him one of the most sought after guest speakers at camps all over the country. These unique qualities include:
  1. NBA All-Star Jam Session Performer (2006 – 2016)
  2. Former Phoenix Suns and Mercury Performer
  3. World's Best Basketball Dribbler (14-time Guinness World Record Holder).
  4. Eloquent Motivational Speaker who identifiers with campers (former school teacher).
  5. One of the best individual skill’s instructors in basketball.
  6. Affordable Superstar
  7. Amazing references
  8. Check out a clip of Joe Odhiambo on Youtube (2009 All-Star festivities in Phoenix, Arizona.)
One of World's Greatest Basketball Dribbling Show
Being coached, drilling, running, jumping, and playing games are part of what makes camp fun for kids. However, campers also long for other fun activities besides playing games because there can be only one winner. These fun activities come in many forms, one of which is meeting unique guest speakers or coaches. Joe “the trick-star” Odhiambo's personality, amazing basketball handling skills, background, and coaching ability makes him that unique personality.

His amazing basketball handling demonstration will leave your campers scratching their heads and asking, "How did he do that?" The good news is Coach Odhiambo is real, and he will gladly share his know of what it takes to succeed through practice with the campers and coaches.

Joe Odhiambo Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp

Spinning Joe

Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo is a master basketballs spinner. He will spin up to 10 basketballs on your camper at camps. Joe will also demonstration his amazing trick of spinning four basketballs on a camper.

Joe Odhiambo Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp

Juggling Odhiambo

Joe Odhiambo has also mastered the art of basketballs juggling. He makes it look so simple juggling four basketballs or juggling three basketballs while spinning two basketballs, one on his head and one on a mouth-piece.

Joe Odhiambo Pagosa Spring Camps

Dr. Dribble

Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo demonstration is not limited to spinning and juggling only. Joe also dribbles basketballs with every part of his body. He loves playing with lots of basketballs including his favorite trick; dribbling five basketballs using his hands and feet.

Ball-handling Skills Challenge

Campers will also get a chance to interact with Joe Odhiambo in skills challenges such as spinning, fancy passes, dribbling keep-away, and doing the hula-hoop with spinning basketballs.
Joe Odhiambo NBA All-Star Game - 2006 Joe Odhiambo NBA All-Star Game - 2006 Joe Odhiambo NBA All-Star Game - 2006

Autograph Session

After the basketball handling demonstration, campers will get a chance to interact with Joe “the trick-star” Odhiambo, ask questions, take pictures, and get autographs. This is a fun, and a win-win program for everybody.

Guest Appearance Programs

Coach Odhiambo will come to your camp, and conduct a clinic, basketball demonstration or be a guest coach for a day or a week depending on your need. Here is a breakdown of the various summer programs:

  • 1 hrs basketball dribbling clinic
  • 45 minutes clinic on the art of basketball handling (dribbling).
  • Guest coach for a day
  • Coach for a week
  • Motivational talk on how to succeed through practice (30 minutes)

Cost for the Appearances

  1. Basketball handling clinic: $200
  2. Amazing basketball handling demonstration: $250
  3. Basketball handing clinic and demonstration: $350
  4. Coach for a day: $500
  5. Coach for a week : $1200
To see more pictures of Coach Odhiambo latest outing click on The Gallery.

If you want book Coach Odhiambo to make a guest appearance at your camp, email or call (480) 204-9851.

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