Basketball party with Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo is a fun interaction program geared toward boys and girls age six and above. The party program, which runs about an 1 hour will include the following:

A 45-minute ball-handling demonstration (one of the world's best basketball demonstration that you will find anyway). During the ball-handling show, party goers will be entertained with a barrage of amazing dribbling, juggling, and spinning skills. The party goers will also be invited to participate by doing simple tricks like spinning basketballs, dribbling, doing the hula hoop while spinning basketballs, and most entertaining, trying to steal the basketball from the world's greatest basketball dribbler.

Fun clinic on doing simple basketball tricks and stunts like spinning a basketball on one's finger, foot dribbling, juggling, doing the rolling thunder, etc. Kids love to try things that they deem impossible! Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo makes it look really simple

An autograph session with Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo. Everybody in the house gets an autograph - compliment of the birthday boy/girl.

The birthday boy or girl gets an autographed copy of the Guinness Book of Records Certificate (six basketballs dribbling).

All party goers will get a chance to take individual or group a picture with Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo. Odhiambo will be more than happy to autograph the pictures if you send them to me. Please, include a self-addressed return envelope with the right postage.

Free individual time with the birthday boy or girl if time permits.

Requirements for the Birthday Party

Odhiambo will need a solid surface, preferably wooden or concrete floor about 12-by-12 to 15-by-15 square feet for the dribbling, juggling, and spinning demonstration.

Bookings and Birthday with Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo fee If you are catering for a small group, give call at (480) 834-7840, and let's talk about a discounted rate for your birthday boy or girl's party.
Please, make your booking in advance to ensure getting Joseph for your son's or daughter's basketball themed birthday party.

Click Reach Us to submit your request for a birthday party with Joe "the trickster" Odhiambo.

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