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Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo attempting to break one of his many Guinness World Records in Las Vegas during the 2007 NBA All-Star Game.
Check out some of the pictures he brought back from his successful trips to Suth Africa and Kenya early this year.... School Pictures Gallery
School Assembly Programs
As a former school teacher, I know first-hand how important quality assemblies are for students as well as teachers. Assemblies can be grouped into three categories: mandatory, educational, and reward assemblies.

Mandatory Assemblies:
These included assemblies like students orientations, discipline for or general informative purposes.

Reward Assemblies:
These include honors or any other celebratory assemblies that recognized students the school achievement.

Educational Assemblies:
This category includes informative programs that provide students with important information to help their general well-being. Examples include Character Count, Drug Awareness, Bullying, etc. These are important programs that every school must have in order to educate students and help them adjust or cop with the hassles that students face going about their day-to-day lives.

Assemblies regardless of the category are important for students as well as teachers because it gives both parties a break from each other. When well-coordinated, assemblies can be used to complement what teachers have been teaching in class. Great examples are Character Counts, KNOW Tobacco, Read for Success, Red Ribbon Week, etc. These programs can also be used as an incentive for students to work to meet certain standards before they can attend the programs, which makes them even more valuable.

I have used my experience as a school teacher, basketball coach, and most important as a professional basketball performer to come up with a fun educational programs that will appeal to students of all ages and background. A spinning basketball speaks all languages. I have one of the world's greatest platforms (basketball handling demonstration), which has been featured on numerous TV shows worldwide. Every year since 2006, the National Basketball Association (NBA), has used my programs provide entertainment during the All-Star games.
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  • Literary with Joseph Odhiambo
  • KNOW Tobacco
  • Success Secret through Practice
  • Amazing Fundraiser Assembly
  • Athletic Perfection through Jesus Christ
  • Basketball Entertainer Assembly
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  • About Joseph Odhiambo:
    Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo is originally from Kenya in East Africa. His up-bringing in a deprived environment gave him an early outlook of realistic situation where one has to work extremely hard to get ahead in life. Despite of many limitations. Odhiambo manage to through and distinguish himself as one of the best in and out of class.

    I would have been easier to lie down and blame the situation what he was in, he didn't. Joe realized early that were are limited more by our imagine than our physical, natural or social status. What he did not have in those areas, he simply worked harder than everybody else around him.

    Odhiambo now communicated these tough life lessons and experience to his audience. He strongly believes that even thought we start the race a different places, when the distances are measured at the finish line, we all cover the lengths to success. One cannot despair because you start far behind or take it easy because you are far head. At the end of the day, what you put in is what you will get back.

    Odhiambo practically shows the students that people who succeed in their endeavors are not special in anyway. They are ordinary people like you and I, however, they work hard in what thy do and use simple attributes that the general population term as trivial to forge ahead. These attributes are as follows:
    1. Faith: Believing in one's ability regardless of what others say.
    2. Persistent: Ability to endure hardship, keep working hard until you again your goals.
    3. Patience: Working long hard hours because you understand what it takes to succeed through practice.
    4. Working Hard. Understanding that there is no short-cut to anywhere worth going.
    5. Responsibility: Follow through with what needs to be done to get the job done.
    These five attributes coupled with a firm commitment to succeed will allow just about anybody to attain their goals.

    Post Offense has some of the best school assembly programs that you will find anywhere. The programs are unique because Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo live in the past–he is as real as you can get. Odhiambo does not tell his audience that you will succeed if you work hard, he shows them through physical examples. He relishes the challenges of what have you done for me lately.

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