Triple T Basketball School Fundraiser Assembly
Triple T Basketball Skills has developed a program that can help your school raise money for various activities like:

  1. Student council
  2. Cheerleading trips & uniforms
  3. Field trips
  4. After school programs
  5. Sports activities
  6. School supplies
  7. Clubs activities
  8. Library books
  9. Band equipments
Odhiambo at a local school in Phoenix doing one of his many assemblies.
Odhiambo receiving a certificate from Guinness Book of World Record representative Stewart Newport and NBA legend Clyde "Glide" Drexler, former Houston Rocket and Trail Blazer NBA All-Star guard.
How the Program Works

Joe "the trickstar" Odhiambo will visit your school to promote the assembly during recess or visit each class for 7-10 minutes for a Q&A session. During the promotional visit, Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo will give the students a taste of the assembly and share his amazing credentials to get the students excited about the performance. If you prefer a 20-minute assembly (two grade levels at a time), that would work even better. The promotional visit will be followed by upto to three assemblies (no more than 300 students per assembly) to accommodate the students' body. Each assembly will run about 40 minutes.

Keep Most of Your Gate Collection

I am a former school teacher, I understand how important fundraiser are to meeting students need for extra-curriculum activities like buying sports equipment, cheerleading uniforms, running student council, etc. For this reason, I will only take 35% of your gate collection. This amount will not exceed $400.00 regardless of what you are able to raise from the students' body. The main purpose of this program is to help your school raise money so that you can continue providing your students with quality programs.

Amazing Basketball Handling Performance

Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo is the world's greatest basketball handler with 11 Guinness World Records under his belt. He has been featured on various TV shows and publications around the world. Odhiambo has also been invited by the NBA to showcase his amazing skills to All-Star fans in Houston (2006), Las Vegas (2007) and most recently, New Orleans (2008). He also turn up for your favorite home teams, the Phoenix Suns and Might Mercury. He dribbles six basketballs at the same time, juggle five, and spin over 20 basketballs as part of his mind boggling 500 tricks and stunts. You have to see the performance to believe some of the tricks he does like juggling three basketball and spinning two basketballs while doing the hula hoop. Visit About Coach Odhiambo to learn more about his awesome basketball handling credentials.

Book Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo

If you are interested in Odhiambo making a guest appearance at your school to help you raise money, please contact him at (480) 834-7840 or (480) 208-4998. You can also email him at For all other questions or to see a list of Post Offense school programs, visit School Programs.
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