Character Count Education Program

Meet the Author - Joseph Odhiambo World renounced basketball free-styler, and 14-time Guinness World Record Holder.

I am a Student of Character

When you have the Six Pillars of Characters, you are described as a student or person of character. Being a student or a person of character requires commitment. Thus,

"Commitment is Character's Inside Stuff."

Remember, even though these six individual Pillars of Characters stand alone, they are intertwined. They share similar characteristics that lead into each other. You cannot have one without the others.

When you make a firm commitment to be the best in everything that you do, you become a student of character. You exhibit Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Citizenship in everything that you do.

In order to gain respect from your friends, peers, teachers, and parents, you must first respect yourself. When you respect yourself, you will automatically respect others. When you have respect, you will follow the "Golden Rule" treat other like you would like to be treated. You will be tolerant to diversity, and use good manners when dealing with other people. When you have respect, you will look to solve your disagreement through communication instead of turning to violence. And in turn, other will respect you because of your good judgment.

When you say, "I am sorry and mean it," you are displaying an act of kindness by respecting other people's feelings. Remember, we all make mistakes, however, what we remember most is what others do after they make mistakes. When you care, you become one with others, You share their feelings of happiness, sorrow, loneliness, and even hurting. We all come from different backgrounds, and there are times when we come to school hurting. Be on the lookout for your fellow classmates who needs their spirit lifted. Smile, offer help, and sometime, just be a good listener, and lend somebody a shoulder to cry on; show them that you care about them.

People or students of character do their best when nobody is looking. When you are fair, you try to play by the rules all the time. You don't take what is not yours, and you put things back where you found them. You also give others a chance by waiting your turn. When you are fair, you treat everybody equally, you don't take advantage or look down on other because you understand that we are all equal in very many ways that not. When there is a problem, you listen to all sides of the argument before making an informed decision. Remember, no matter how much you don't like rules, rules evens up the playing field and allows everybody to get a fair share of what they deserve regardless of their status or who they are in the community. Be a student of Character and practice fairness!

When you are responsible, you do three very important things: you strive to do the right thing, at the right time and at the right place. You also do what you say you will do, and say what you have done. When given a task, you work hard to give it your best effect regardless. You use self-discipline and control to do what needs to be done in school or at home instead of waiting for tomorrow which never comes. Most important, you dearly accept the consequence that results from your actions whether positive or negative, because you understand that you are responsible for your action.

When you are trustworthy, you become a honest person who other can count or rely on. You again strive do the right thing at the right time in the right place even if nobody is watching. You also become truthful and follow up on your words. Also, you are loyal to your friends, family, and always stand for what is right regardless of the consequences.

Good citizen work to make their community (school) a safe and friendly place for everybody. When you have citizenship in you, you become a good neighbor, and watch out for others. You don't destroy properties, you respect authority, and report bad things that threaten to destroy your community like graffiti, bullying, violence, etc. You also stand up and get counted when call upon when necessary. You understand that your voice or vote makes a difference and in our society.

Cost for Character Count Education Presentation:

Triple T Basketball Skills & Entertainment offers two packages for the Character Count Education Presentation.

Package 1:

This is a onetime presentation to either jump-start or close the Character Count Education Program.

The cost of this package is $475.00 for the first assembly
Additional Assemblies can be order on the same day for $300.00

Package 2:

This package includes an introductory program to jump-start the Character Count Education Program. The introductory program will be followed by a closeout program at a later date after students have learned all the Six Pillars of Characters.

The cost for this package is $600 for the two assemblies.
Additional Assemblies can by order for $250.

To order the Character Count Program click Reach US and fill the necessary form or email Joe at You can also call 480-204-9851 for more information.