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In May of this year, I started my third run at the dribbling record. I am looking to push the record to six basketballs by the end of August. So far, I have cleared the first four rounds of practice designed to set the rhythm and coordination for six basketballs. Again, I will be using both my hands and feet. Two basketballs in each hand, and one on each foot - pretty cool technique. Wait until you see it, I am sure you will love it.

How the Technique came About

It is very interesting how I came up with the technique of dribbling five and six basketballs with my feet. If you want to read about the story behind the discovery, please click on Birth of the Dribbling Technique.

This page carry updates for the recent three practice days only. To see the rest of the practice days, click on Daily Updates and find the appropriate month. Scroll down to the specific day. You can also check out specific drills from each round by going to the practice drill page.

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October 17, 2000

I tried to take a break from the record run, however, my conscious would not let me. I had to find out what went wrong on Saturday, and why I keep losing the dribbling rhythm and coordination. I pulled out all my journals and carefully read through paying attention to a couple of days before loosing the rhythm and coordination. Each time, I found out that my feet and shoulders were hurting really bad. The last two weeks, I did four shows, which pretty much guaranteed that I was going to be hurting going into the Saturday. After two days of R&R, I went back to the court and start another run. My body felt good, and the rhythm was there. I manage eight good run of over one-minute without any problem. I guess throughout this time, the rhythm and coordination was offset by fatigue. I taped two runs of over one minute, which I will forward to Guinness Book of Record research center for verification. I will post the update as soon as I get a world from the Guinness Record Office. At the meantime, I will continue practicing with caution
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October 17

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