Qualities of a Dominant Post Player

There are a lot of qualities that go into making a dominating player. Most of us believe that the first quality is height followed by physically abilities. Obviously, these qualities will give a post players some advantage to an extend, but when they are not supplemented with good fundamental skills, one is left with is an average post player. Over the last twenty years that I have studied and worked with post players, I have found that an effective post player must possess five superstar qualities: These qualities are as follows:
  1. Good Body Balance
  2. Proper Pivoting
  3. Proper Use of Fakes
  4. Ability to Read the Defense
  5. Mastering the Scoring Options
  6. Learning the 2 of 10 Power Moves in the paint
Quickness, speed, strength, height, and physical and natural abilities are important, however, they offer a post player very little advantage if they are not supplemented with the above-mentioned qualities. We all know post players who seems to have just about everything they need to succeed yet they have nothing to show for in the game. What they are missing are the five qualities of a superstar post player. The good news is these qualities can be developed through proper training, and any player can play the post regardless of natural and physical or natural ability. All a player need is a big heart and a firm commitment to work hard to develop the necessary skills needed to function effectively in the blocks.

Warning to Coaches

Don't recruit or draft a post player solely on potential unless you have the personnel to developing the player's five superstar qualities. Post players need specialized training to flourish and reach their offensive potential. Without specialized training conditions, post players tend to lag behind on both ends of the court because of most of the time, they practice like guards and forwards. PostOffense.Com will provide you with just the right help you need to get your post players ready to dominate the paint by developing their five superstar qualities.

Another nugget for coaches; if your team's offense is centered around a jump shooting post player, you will have many sleepless nights. Jump shooting centers can be guard by shorter players, thus creating a more damaging mismatch on the other end of the court.

Player's Challenge During Appearance

Coach Joseph Odhiambo has mastered the five superstar qualities. He cannot only teach them, he loves to put them to use by showing his clients how their post players can develop into a superstar overnight. He will challenge any of your post players regardless of size or skill level to a one-on-one play during his appearance. Coach Odhiambo, an undersized post player (6' 3"), is so confident he will tell the defensive player what moves he is going to use, then use it anyway. After only one session with Coach Odhiambo, your post players will develop amazing confidence that will propagate throughout the season and change their perspectives on individual post offense. Give Coach Odhiambo a try; you will not be disappointed! I know your post players will thank you. Remember that post players are not born; they are developed through many hours of learning good fundamental skills.

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