Vertical Leaping Program

To gain from a vertical leaping workout, you must use a program that exercises the muscles used for jumping. These muscles include shoulders, back, arms, abdominal, and legs. Once developed, the muscles must be coordinated to work together with a series of plyometric exercises before you can realize the program's full effect. Triple T Vertical Leaping Program addresses these aspects, and it is designed to give you the best results in the shortest possible time. Along with improving your leaping ability, you will also benefit in the following areas of your game:
The primary focus of this Triple T Vertical Leaping Program is to develop individual muscles through weight training, then coordinate the muscles to work together with plyometric exercises. The plyometric exercises that Triple T Vertical Leaping Program uses are rim touches or wall jumps, step jumps, and rope jumping that you can do at home.

You must realize that there is not a "wonder" leaping program out in the market that will turn you into superman overnight. You will notice a sizable gain in your leaping ability two to three days after using any good leaping program. Over the years, I have experimented with many leaping programs, and what I found out is the gain leaping ability is not permanent. It will wear-off gradually, thus you have to revisit the workout to maintain the gained leaping ability.

Another characteristic of all leaping programs is the grained leaping ability gradually get smaller and smaller until it eventually levels off when your body reaches a certain threshold also known as plateau. If the vertical leaping program you are using does not have a provision for dealing with this very common phenomenon, you will be frustrated if you cannot regain or maintain your above the rim play.

Don't Be alarmed when this happen
When you use Triple T Vertical Leaping Program you will gain between 5 and 9 inches in your vertical leap the first time around. This is a new territory that most athletes have never experienced before. It is exciting, however, like many things that are not innate, the ability will level off if you don't maintain it with regular practice.

Don't expect to keep gaining the same numbers every time you set out to practice because that is unrealistic. Over time, you will eventually feel like you have completely lost all your leaping ability when your body hit a plateau. Just follow the adjustment outlined in the workout program,and you will do just fine. You might not feel like you are playing above the rim, but trust me, you are still better that where you were when you started.

The magic behind any vertical leaping program lies on how well you follow outlined directions in the program, your belief, dedication, and most important, you desire to want to succeed. These coupled with plain off-fashion "hard-work," and the right attitude, you will achieve amazing results with Triple T Vertical Leaping Program

Triple T Vertical Leaping Program covers the following aspects: Triple T Vertical Leaping Program is deal because it allows you, the user, to manipulate and customize the drills according your needs. The following are the drills in the workout program that will push you to new heights:
    Weight Training Exercises
  1. Stretching (Warm ups)
  2. Leg Press
  3. Leg Curls
  4. Leg Extensions
  5. Sitting Military Press (Lat-Pull Down)
  6. Dead lift

    Plyometrics Exercises
  7. Sit Ups
  8. Stretching
  9. Jump Rope
  10. Step Jumps
  11. Wall Touches
  12. Stretching (Cool Downs)
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Before engaging in any of Triple T Workout Programs, you are strongly advised to seek medical clearance from a physician.

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