R.E.A.C.H for the Stars!

R.E.A.C.H for the Stars is a special program designed to motivate students, and show them how to pursue their goals without the fear of failing. The program focus on the following attributes derived from the acronym of the word REACH: Respect, Education, Attitude, Commitment, and Hard work.

During the assembly, we will show the students through example how the attributes can help them reach their (Stars) ; the star being goals or endeavors the students aspire to reach. REACH for the Stars using cartoon drawing by Greg Shelden, the official Phoenix Suns Gorilla Cartoonist and amazing ball-handling demonstration by the world's greatest basketball dribbler Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo as platforms for the motivational talks. This program is unique and very flexible; it can customized to fit any age group, time slot, and topics from drug abuse, smoking, peer pressure, gangs, school violence, staying in school, make good choices, success secrets through practice, etc.

How REACH for the Star came About?

When I started my ball-handling workout ten year ago, I had a simple dream; to become the best basketball dribbler in the world. Since then, this dream has become a reality through sheer hard work and commitment. Today, I am not only proud to say that I am the greatest basketball dribbler, but the journey has taken me to places that I would never have dreamed of going. An example of one of these places is being invited to perform in South Africa recently by NBA Africa.. Another exciting accomplishment is setting 14 Guinness World Records. I started with a simple dream, and used the above attributes to make my dreams come true. We share these experiences with the students to show them that ordinary people can do wonders if they make firm commitments and work hard to reach their stars.
"Remember, we are limited more by our beliefs than out abilities." James Boldwin - Author

The Assembly

We encourage students, teachers, and even parents in attendance to come on stage, and participate in our performances. Just getting on stage and being apart of the performance is a life changing experience for most of the students. We have received great feedbacks from teachers telling us that our program helped steer their students in the right directions or help them open-up, and pursue their goals without fear. That is what R.E.A.C.H for the Stars>/i> we strive for; empower students to pursue their dreams without fear; respecting themselves, educating themselves, maintaining positive attitude, learning to communicate, and most important, working hard at what they choose to do.

Below are pictures of Odhiambo and Greg Shelden at one of their outings.

Cost for R.E.A.C.H for the Stars Assembly

The cost for this program is $300 for a 45-minute assembly.

During this time, Greg and I will talk to the students about how they can use Respect, Education, Positive Attitude, Commitment, and Hard Work to reach their stars, which represent their goals. We also share through experience how these attributes has help us reach our stars; Greg with his renounced Gorilla Cartoon drawing, and I with basketball handling demonstration. We repeatedly tell the students that they too can achieve similar results if they are committed, have faith in their abilities, and work hard in real-life.

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