KNow Tobacco
My father died of throat cancer fourteen years ago, and his doctor said that his smoking habit had something to do with his illness. Back then ads spread false information about tobacco. Ads tell us that cigarettes are supposed to calm you down, help digestion after a big meal, make you look cool, etc. Furthermore, elders smoke freely, thus every youngster grew up wanting to be a smoker. I personally disliked the smell of cigarettes, and at an early age, I promised myself never to get involved with tobacco. Armed with the information we have today about the negative health effect of tobacco, I am surprised that people still choose to use tobacco in any form.

Adolescent and Smoking
I strongly believe that adolescent should be educated about the negative health effects of tobacco. They can then use the information to make rational decisions on whether to get involve with tobacco or not.

Just like R.E.A.C.H for the Star program, I use basketball demonstration as a platform to set the stage for the substance abuse program. During the performances, I build students excitement by gradually working with one, two, three, four . . . to twenty-one basketballs simultaneously. In between the performance, I pause to delivery the important message on the negative health effects of tobacco. I encourage students and teachers to participate in doing interesting tricks like doing the hula hoop, spinning a basketball, etc.

KNow Tobacco, is a wonder tobacco prevention program, which is both entertaining and educational for the students of all ages. The students enjoy taking part in doing various activities that they like (basketball entertainment) and learn an important lesson about staying healthy. Schools that have had the program gave it very good reviews. We are still looking for sponsorship so that we can be able to provide the program free to poor schools in the Valley. If you would like to sponsor a school, we would be more than glad to hear from you. Send us an email at or click on Reach Us here and fill the sponsorship information form.

Cost for KNowtobacco Assembly
The cost for the fourth or fifth-grade program is $1:00 per student(minimum 250 students). The assembly will include the following aspects and giveaways:
Additional Giveaways
These additional giveaways can be purchased for the rest of the students. Please call us in advanced so that we can deliver the order during the show. Also, check our other motivational program R.E.A.C.H for the Stars!

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