Guest Appearance Fee

This is the standard pricing for a typical Triple T School Assemblies . Refer to each assembly for the actual rate.

Joe "the trick-star" Odhiambo makes special guest appearances at schools across the country to conduct his amazing assemblies. These assemblies, geared toward elementary and junior high students, show the students that they too can succeed in their endeavors if they make firm commitments and work hard. Odhiambo also uses his personal experiences to motivation and make students believe that talents, physical and natural abilities are overrated when it comes to success in life. What one need is to have faith in his or her ability, be persistent, patient, and work hard to reach their goals.

All Triple T Basketball assemblies will runs about 40 minutes, however, they can be customized last from 5 minutes (prep-assembly) to 2 hours. A normal assembly that runs 40 minutes will include the following: The general cost of the School Assembly is $225.00.

Note: Most of my programs are limited to one grade level due to space and the level of interaction that I want to have with the students to make the assembly memorable. Special arrangement can be made to accommodate more grade levels. If you have any questions regarding multiple grades attending the assembly, call me at (480) 834-7840 for special arrangements and price.

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