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About Dreaming Little Joe

Dreaming Little Joe is a story of a little boy who started dreaming of being the world's greatest basketball handler performing in front of a large crowd after playing basketball at school one day. The dreams become intense and so frequent, they started affecting Little Joe's day-to-day life.

He overslept several times missing the school bus, which caused his father to scold him. After almost getting in trouble for sleeping in school again, Little Joe decided it was time to stop daydreaming. Instead, he stepped outside, and worked hard to make his dream a reality. Click on Dreaming Little Joe to see excerpt of the booklet.
  • Listen to the story of Dreaming Little Joe narrated by Joe Odhiambo.
  • Watch Amazing Demonstration by the World's best Basketball Handling Skills - part of the story.
  • Get Coloring picture drawings from the book illustrations (choice of 26 drawings)
  • Autograph session with 14 Times Guinness World Record Holder.
  • Questions and answers session
  • One Copy of Dreaming Little Joe for the class
  • Inspiration Message from Joseph Odhiambo
  • Chance to Meet the World's Greatest Basketball Handler.
  • Autograph copies of Guinness World Record Certificates

  • Meet the Author - Joseph Odhiambo World Renounced Basketball handler, and 14 times Guinness World Record Holder.
    Cost for Literary Day with Odhiambo

    1. $110 per session (class)

    Purchasing Extra Copies of Dreaming Little Joe
    1. Students can purchase copies of Dreaming Little Joe at $4.00 per copies on the day of the reading.
    2. Bulk copies can also be purchased in advance. Call Odhiambo for discounted rate.

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