Dribbling Fundamental Skills

Dribbling is one of the most important parts of the game of basketball, however, few players take the time to actually develop this vital skill. Players assume that they know how to dribble by virtual of having played basketball for several years. After all, the first thing a player does when he or she touches a basketball is dribble a couple of times before shooting. There is more to dribbling than just patting the basketball up and down the floor on the go with an open hand!

A player must understand how individual aspects of dribbling such as the positions for dribbling the basketball on the floor, the direction of the basketball movement, hand position over the basketball, the two-step series, etc., come together in the fine art of basketball dribbling. Clink on the links below to learn more about these vital stationary dribbling fundamentals:
Stationary Dribbling Fundamental Video/DVD

The above fundamental skills are now available in Video or DVD. If you are interested in the instructional material Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals Series 1 (Stationary), click on
Reach Us , and check the appropriate box. I guarantee, Basketball Dribbling Fundamental will give you tips that will allow you to understand basketball dribbling, and improve your basketball handling regardless of your skill level. Remember, good dribbling skills set the base for everything that you do with a basketball on offense.

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