Front Crossover Dribbling (Stationary)

For practice purpose, you will learn the front crossover dribbling in three steps. However, in the latter or advanced stage, you will execute step one and two simultaneously followed by step three.

Start in a similar position as the side stationary dribbling stances, with your left (off-foot) forward. Dribbling the basketball on the floor just inside and in front of your lead, right-foot. Keep your off left-hand bent at the elbow in front of you to protect the basketball.

Step 1:
From the side, stationary stance, drop your off, left-foot back to an even stance. Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart to maintain good balance.

Step 2:
Drop your off-foot back, and cross the basketball to the left hand. Keep the basketball as close to your body as possible for protection.

Step 3:
As soon as the basketball touches your left-hand, step forward with your right-foot and get into the opposite side, stationary position.

Coaching Points:
Remember, when executing the front crossover, only drop your off-foot back to an even stance to maintain your vantage point or forward progress. If you drop the off-foot pass a plane, which is even with the rear lead-foot, you will be backing away from the defensive player thus, losing your vantage point or forward progress.

Think of the sequence as dropping back from the side stationary stance to an even stance then, stepping back to the opposite side, stationary position. Throughout the front crossover execution, maintain a low stance with your knees bent, back straight, and eyes forward.

Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals (Stationary)

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