The Base for Crossover Dribbling

The basic fundamental for the crossover dribbling is the two-step series. There are three variations of the series.

  1. The first variation is the step-forward, step-back series: From the right stationary position, step-forward with your strong foot, then step-back with your off-foot.
  2. The second variation is the step-back, step-forward series: From the left stationary position, step-back with your off-foot, then step-forward with the strong foot.
  3. The third variation is the step-back with a turn, step-forward series: From the right stationary side position, step-back with the strong foot (90-degrees in a clockwise direction). Step forward with your off-foot.
Remember that all the crossover dribbling techniques use one variation of the two-step series.

Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals (Stationary)

If you want more information on the mechanics of dribbling fundamentals, you can order the first series of Triple T Basketball Fundamental Skills - Stationary Dribbling DVD or videotape. This DVD or Videotape outlines all the mechanics of stationary dribbling, which is a prerequisite for anybody who wants to learn or improve their dribbling skills. Remember, there is more to dibbling than just pushing the basketball up and down the floor. You must understand how certain concepts such as Direction of Basketball Dribbling, Position for Dribbling the Basketball, Hand position over the basketball, The two-step, etc., fits in dribbling. With the knowledge, you will be in charge and under control of your dribbling (the basketball will become an extension of your hand)

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