Positions for Dribbling the Basketball

There are only two positions to dribble the basketball for maximum control and protection. These two position are:
  1. The first floor position is in front and slightly inside the strong foot.
  2. The second floor position is just behind the strong foot.
Dribbling the basketball in these two floor positions will force the defensive player to get out of position if he or she attempts to reach for the basketball. This will in turn open up other options like the reverse-spin in the opposite direction. Dribbling anywhere else will expose the basketball to the defensive player. Even if the defensive player does not steal the basketball when he or she reaches in, offensive player will not gain any advantage that comes with the displacement.

Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals (Stationary)

If you want more information on the mechanics of dribbling fundamentals, you can order the first series of Triple T Basketball Fundamental Skills - Stationary Dribbling DVD or videotape. This DVD or Videotape outlines all the mechanics of stationary dribbling, which is a prerequisite for anybody who wants to learn or improve their dribbling skills. Remember, there is more to dibbling than just pushing the basketball up and down the floor. You must understand how certain concepts such as Direction of Basketball Dribbling, Position for Dribbling the Basketball, Hand position over the basketball, The two-step, etc., fits in dribbling. With the knowledge, you will be in charge and under control of your dribbling (the basketball will become an extension of your hand).br>

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