Reverse Spin Crossover Dribbling (Stationary)

Just like in behind the back crossover dribbling, you will execute the reverse spin crossover dribbling in four steps. You will execute steps one and two, and steps three and four simultaneously in the advanced stage.

You will start the skill in the same position as the position as the side stationary dribbling stance , with your left (off-foot) forward. Dribbling the basketball on the floor just inside and in front of your lead, right-foot. Keep your off left-hand bent at the elbow in front of you to protect the basketball.

Step 1:
From the left side stationary position, step backward (clockwise) with your right-foot to an even stance. Keep your head up and look forward from over your shoulder.

Step 2:
Shift the basketball to the floor just in front of your right foot.

Step 3:
Step forward with your left-foot.

Step 4:
Switch hands, and get into the opposite side, stationary stance immediately.

Coaching Points:
In order to protect the basketball when executing the reverse spin crossover dribble, do not switch hands until after you have shifted the basketball to the front of the step-back foot. If you switch hands early, you will expose the basketball. Also, when you shift the basketball through more than 180 degrees, the is a good chance that you will be called for traveling or carrying the basketball

In the advance stage of executing this skill, remember, you will execute steps one and two simultaneously, and steps three and four together. Maintain your forward vision by looking over your shoulder executing this skill.

Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals (Stationary)

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