Success is understanding what you need to do to succeed.

Joseph Odhiambo talks about the following points in his presentations:
  1. How to Success through Practice
  2. Attributes of Success Secret through Practice
  3. Believing in yourself
  4. You know what you need to do to succeed
  5. You have everything you need to succeed
  6. Dream big, then go out and make it come true
Throughout my research on success secret through practice, I talked to many successful people. One think that really surprised me during my research is most successful people did not know how they become successful. Most became successful by default or through their mentors who never really told them how they reached their goals.

This is common because when I was working on developing my basketball handling skills, I did succeed in the early stages, however, I could not have told you how I did it other than just practice, practice, and practice. We all know that one need to practice to succeed. Yes, that is true, but there is still more about practice that one needs in order to stay with the practice program to the end (succeed).

Later on when I was struggling reaching the next level, I did not know what to do. Through studying my past success, I was able to recognized a trend that lead me to success secret through practic. Using the new found secret, I went to to set 11 Guinness World Record en-route to becoming the world greatest basketball dribbler.

You think you Know what it takes to Succeed through Practice?

You may think that you know what it takes to succeed through practice, but I beg to differ. There is more than just going out drilling after drilling. If you are going to succeed you must understand what it takes to succeed through practice. This includes the following:
  1. Knowing what you need to work on
  2. Getting the right drills
  3. Developing a good workout program (step-bu-step program)
  4. Practice the steps to perfection
  5. Knowing the actually meaning of perfecting
  6. Finding your perfect fit
  7. Dealing with Plateau
  8. Working on the three stages of showtime
  9. Developing confidence
  10. Getting out and making it happen.
Let me put it is simple terms that you can understand; If you don't understand the above 10 points, you don't understand what it takes to success through practice. If you have succeed, you have not chance of passing your insight to others because it happened to you by default - chance!

Habit Changing Experience in Athletics (Practice)

We all know that to be successful in anything, you have to practice over-and-over-again. Well, that seems faily simple, practice and practice, and you will be successful. How many of your athletes have used the concept to succeed at what you are trying to teach them?

My presentation will change your approach toward practice for ever. You will not longer tell your students to shoot 100 free-throws a day to be good, you will be able to tell the main reason behind shooting the 100 free-throws; working to find their "perfect-fit' that will allow them to shoot the free-throw the same way every time to get desired results.,br>
What I am trying to tell you is that your students will never goof off in practice again. They will understand why they are practice, and when they goof off, they will immediately understand the consequences that will follow up later. It takes more than yesterday's practice to be able to perform tomorrow.
If you are a coach or player working to succeed through practice, you must need to get a copy of Success Secret through Practice or attend one of Odhiambo's seminars period.

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