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"Success comes to those who have faith in their abilities, are persistent, patience, responsible, and work hard."

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When we look around us, there is always a person who has succeeded in his or her endeavor. We wonder, what is the difference between that person and us? These successful people are not any different from you and I, they simply understand what it takes to succeed in what they choose to do.

Success Secret Tips
Joseph Odhiambo has studied and talked to many successful people, and he believes he has found the successsecrets. What Odhiambo found out is most people know what they need to do to succeed, however, very few really understand what it takes to succeed.

"There is a big difference between knowing and understanding what it takes to succeed in life."

Odhiambo likens the above quote to operating a motor vehicle. Majority of us know that a motor vehicle need gasoline to run, however, very few of us understand combustible engines.
Odhiambo at 2008 All-Star Game
Joseph Odhiambo's goal during his presentation if for his audience to leave with an understanding of what it takes to succeed through practice. We think that one needs to be special or extraordinary in certain areas to succeed. No, the secret to success in life lies in the following simple innate attributes that we all possess:
  1. Faith - believe in your ability.
  2. Persistent - keep coming back even when you are struggling.
  3. Patience - wait for the results
  4. Hard Work - there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going.
  5. Responsibility - being true to yourself and following-through with what needs to be done to succeed.
Those of us who recognize these attributes, and are able to bring them out will succeed in their endeavors. Odhiambo shows his audience through personal experiences how they can use these attributes to attain their goals.
Joseph Odhiambo leads by example. He does not only tell his audience what they need to do to succeed. He shows them through numerous personal experience, and example how to do what they choose to do better. He has not only used the secrets to learn over 500 basketball handling tricks and stunts en-route to becoming the world's greatest basketball dribbler, he has used them to set 14 Guinness World Records.

Odhiambo athletic success has been featured on prominent shows like Ripley Believe it or Not, Guinness World Record: Primetime, etc. He has also showcased his amazing basketball handling skills at major events such at the National Basketball Association All-Star games, NBA Nation Tour, etc.

Success Secret through Practice
Odhiambo is the author of Success Secret through Practice. This booklet will help you understand what it takes to succeed through practice.
Speaking Topics About Odhiambo Photo Gallery
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