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Coaches's Corner

Here is a short quiz to measure how effective your practice are. Check "yes" or "no" where applicable.

Yes No
1. Do your players understand what it takes to succeed through practice?
2. Do your players take practice seriously at all time?
3. My players are self-motivated and they get into practicing attitude without my help.
4. My players always do what they are supposed to do in practice without supervision.
5. My players do more than expected in practice everyday instead of just going through the motion.
6. Drilling is the worst part of my practice sessions.
7. Scrimmaging is the best part of our practice sessions?

If you answered "No" to any one of the above questions, you and your players are not maximizing your time to succeed through practice.

Personal Experience:

When I was in college, I hated practice with a passion. When coach made us do drills like passing, shooting and layups, etc., I simply when through the motion. Going to practice was a chore; I did what I needed to do to get by. When coach was not looking, I, like all other players, goofed around. We purposely took turns doing drills wrong so that coach would explain more and waste practice time. Th only thing that I enjoyed about practice was the scrimmages.

Does this sound like one or most of your players? There are tons of players who simply show up for practice missing out on an opportunity to get better and improve their teams' success. These are not bad or poor players, they simply don't understand the important of practice. They don't understand that there is more to practice than just going through the drills and plays, then scrimmage.

New Knowledge and Different Practice Outlook:

16 years later, I now understand what it takes to succeed through practice. I only wish I new what I know now about practice because it would have helped me player at the next level (National Basketball Association). I still practice my basketball skills, however, my outlook toward practice is much different.

When I set out to practice, I am looking to get better every session. I love drilling because that is how one develop th rhythm and coordination (perfection) needed to succeed with a new or improved skill.

What it Takes to Succeed Through Practice:

Whether your players are serious about practice or not, they need to understand what it takes to succeed through practice. Success Secret through Practice will give your players this very important practice insight. With this insight, your players will understand that they need faith, persistent, patience, and most important, hard work to succeed. They will also know how long it will take them to learn, master, and perfect a skill. Practicing hard the night before a major competition won't do them any good if they have not perfected the skills. And finally, your players will know that they need to develop performance confidence to succeed under pressure.

With this insight, your players will also be enthusiastic and take practice serious because they know that each session count toward making them better players.

Success Secret through Practice: Motivational Talk

Success Secret through Practice, talk will not only motivate your players, it will also inspire your coaches because of the new outlook on practice. I promise, your players will never look at practice the same after my motivational talk. If they don't do their best, they will leave with a lot of guilt based on what they know about practice. This guilty feeling is the driving force behind Success Secret through Practice. The talk will also empower your players to be responsible and monitor their progress - meeting every coach's dream.

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