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Internationally recognized trickstar, Joseph Odhiambo, is a leader in the world of basketball handling demonstration. He is the director of Triple T Basketball Skills & Entertainment, Inc., an independent organization that specializes in conducting clinics, camps, workshops, and motivational talks on how to succeed through practice. As one of the most sought after motivational speaker, coach, and a celebrated basketball handling demonstrator, Odhiambo has acclamation as the world's best basketball dribbler.

Coach Joseph Odhiambo's basketball accomplishments have been published in various newspapers and magazines around the world, the most notables being The Guinness Book of Records; Arizona Republic Newspaper (Phoenix, Arizona); The Tribune Newspaper (Mesa, Arizona); Highway Magazine, Alternative World Records (Germany); and Ripley's World Records. He has also been featured on Guinness: Primetime (Spain and Brazil); Ripley's Believe it or Not, Sports Tonight with Mark Curtis (NBC affiliate Arizona), Suns' Jam Session (UPN 45), Good Morning and Evening Arizona (News Channel-3, TV Arizona), and Morning News on CBS (Arizona). In 2003, Coach Odhiambo received News Channel-3 TV award for Outstanding Athlete for the month of January for his outstanding work with kNowtobacco program at local schools in Arizona.

Coach Joseph Odhiambo went to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, where he graduated with degrees in computer science and mathematics. While at Canyon, he also played varsity basketball. Prior to coming to Grand Canyon, Odhiambo was a star athlete for the Kenya National Basketball Team. He also participated in track and field attaining national status in discus and shot-put. At only 6'3" and just 210 lbs, Odhiambo almost attained Olympic qualifying mark in discuss. He still holds the national schools and college record in his native country, Kenya. After college, Joseph Odhiambo worked as a computer programmer and statistic analyst before resigning in three years later to become a motivational speaker, and basketball coach.

Coach Odhiambo developed a training regimen that allowed him to build his ball-handling platform in two years. Practicing 4 to 6 hours a day, he learned more than 200 tricks including trying the Guinness World Record of dribbling four basketballs simultaneously. Since then, he has added more than 500 tricks using up to 24 basketballs, and set or broken 14 world basketball handling records. He currently holds the following Guinness Records:

  1. Dribbling six basketballs simultaneously
  2. Spinning one basketball the longest using both hands
  3. Dribbling one basketball the longest
  4. Juggling three basketballs while shooting the most layups.
  5. Spinning a basketball the longest with one hand only.
Odhiambo has also performed with the Harlem Globetrotters, and his amazing basketball handling demonstration has become a fixture at the NBA All-Star Jam Sessions since 2006.

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