The first 3 of 16 series of Triple T Basketball Instructional/Motivation/Inspiration Booklets are out.

Hook Shot: A Masterpiece for Post Players.


The first series that Coach Odhiambo has just finish working on is Hook Shot: A Masterpiece for Post Players. Hook Shot: A Masterpiece for Post Players is designed to give coaches and players the most in-depth breakdown of the hook shot starting with the shooting fundamentals in chapter 1. Chapter 1 also has subsections titled "coaching points," which outline tips that a post player must keep in mind when learning how to shoot the hook shot. Chapter 2 cover techniques for practice drills, which a player will use to mastering the hook shot developed in chapter 1. I have broadened the presentation of the drills to address every component of the shot in order to give the post player an all-around perspective of the shot. The next chapter deals with a special hook shot workout that uses the drills outlined in chapter 2. The post player will use the workout to perfect the hook shot. This is an ideal workout guaranteed to develop your hook shot in just four weeks practicing less than twelve minutes a day.

Finally, chapter 4 presents the scorecards to be used with the hook shot workout. The scorecards will help the post player organize his or her practice effectively as well as keep track of daily progress. For the first time in basketball, post players now have an effective workout for developing or improving their hook shots. Make a firm commitment to a program that has been proven to produce positive results, and use it to develop the magnificent hook shot.

Hook Shot: A Masterpiece for Post Players is part of my 20-year research and work with individual post players around the world. The main purpose of this booklet is to give coaches and post players a comprehensive teaching on how to develop and be successful using the hook shot in a real game. Coaches in all levels of competitions can use this informative booklet with clear step-by-step instructions and picture illustrations to teach their post players how to shoot the hook shot. Accomplished post players who want to polish or improve their hook shot will find Hook Shot: A Masterpiece for Post Players just as useful. Parents can also use the booklet to teach their sons and daughters how to shoot the hook shot at home in their driveways.

Success Secret through Practice.


Today's athletic programs are specially designed to develop just about any skill an athlete needs to succeed in sports. However, only a small number of athletes have found the secret of getting the most out of these so-called "wonder" programs. For the most part, these programs seem to have failed the general population. Throughout my playing days, I just like you, thought that successful athletes were simply superior. In 1997, I set out to find the secret behind their successes because regular practice was not helping me improve my skills. I interviewed dozens of athletes about their training methods, and asked what they thought were the keys to their athletic successes.

"I was lucky enough to have a coach at home," one National Basketball Association superstar said. "My dad, a former professional basketball player, made sure I practiced the right way."

A former Phoenix Suns' guard said, "I just become good over time."

Majority of the athletes I interviewed were unable too pinpoint a defining moment or situation in their careers that paved the way to stardom, however, they all remembered practicing very hard. Using results from interviews and my personal experiences, I wrote Success Secret through Practice. This booklet outlines nonrestrictive training strategies that anybody can use to become a better athlete through practice. Success Secret through Practice does not tell you what to do unlike other programs, it gives you proven strategies to help you do what you choose to do better. These strategies include a psychological self-analysis to determine your weak skills, customizing a practice program to develop the skills, identifying the true qualities of a superstar, and building the confidence needed to perform under pressure once you have developed the necessary skills.

Success Secret through Practice will also help answer the most important question that athletes ask their coaches when practicing: How long will it take to become a better athlete through, practice? Put in simple terms, how long will it take to learn, master, perfect, and use new or improved skills in a real game situation? Success Secret through Practice will give you new information that will change your attitude toward practice forever. The information will help you evaluate your skills and understand yourself as an athlete, but most important, understand what you need to do to succeed in through practice. After reading this booklet, if you are unprepared, have a bad session or quit before finishing your daily practice session, you will leave with a lot of guilt. This guilty feeling of not doing your best based on what you now know about getting better through practice is the driving force behind Success Secret through Practice. If you apply these strategies outlined in this booklet to your daily workout, you are guaranteed to get amazing results in a very short time. The visible results will also boost your confidence, improve your self-esteem moral, and motivate you to keep practicing harder until you attain your goals.

We all know what we need to do to succeed in our endeavors, yet only a few of us understand, and do what is necessary to succeed through practice. Remember, there is a big difference between knowing and understanding something. For example, almost everybody knows that a car need gasoline to run, however, very few people understand how gasoline makes a car run (combustion engines). Take time to understand your needs, then make a firm commitment to work hard and use strategies or programs that have been proven to produce results to guide you in your athletic endeavors.

Dreaming Little Joe


Dreaming Little Joe is a fun children story about a boy that I have know all my life. The boy, Little Joe, started dreaming that he was the world's greatest basketball handler performing in front of a large crowd one night after playing a basketball game with the older boys at school. The dreams became so intense and frequent, they started affecting his day-to-day life. He over slept missing the school bus several times causing his father to scold him. After almost getting in trouble for sleeping in school, Little Joe decided it was time to stop daydreaming and instead work to make his dream a reality.

To find out how Odhiambo can come to your school and read Dreaming Litter Joe with your students as part of Literacy Day with Odhiambo click Reading Dreaming Little Joe.

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