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Don't Draft Perimeter Centers
Getting a center who is versatile, can handle the basketball and shoot from outside in the draft is pretty much a waste of time. Paul Gasol, Dirk,Darko, Bargnani,Bogut,Yao Minh,IIgauskas, and most international centers fits in the don't draft perimeter center category. None of these players and their predecessors have been overly effective for their teams except for Dirk. Even with him, the Mavericks had to wait almost thirteen years for him to come along. When a 6'10"-6'11" player is roaming around in the perimeter shooting jump shots, he is defendable by smallest more athletic big guards and small forwards. This in turn creates a major problem on defense because they have to guard smaller, quicker players. Their defensive liability outweighs their offensive outputs, thus rendering their presences on the court ineffective. If you are going to draft a perimeter player, pick a true perimeter player instead of somebody masquerading as a wing player only to take up space at the end of the bench and eat-up valuable salary cap.

 Spinning 10 basketballs at 2010 All-Star Game - Odhiambo
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  • Basketball Skills & Entertainment
    This is an amazing program that will change your practice outlook. Triple T offers coaching on every aspect of your basketball development. Click on Basketball Skills to see a list of Triple T Basketball Skills programs.

    Speaking Engagement
    Coach Odhiambo outlines convincing tips and strategies that will inspire you to work hard to attain your goals. Triple T offers a series of inspirational and motivational talks that are designed to meet all your basketball needs. Check out Speaking Engagement for a list of programs geared for schools, summer camps, workshops to corporate events.

    Post Offense (Individual Skills)
    Are you a struggling post player? If you are, Coach Odhiambo has the tools that will help you become an All-Star in just one summer. Odhiambo has studied post offense for over 20 years, and he challenges you to find a more knowledgeable coach that him. Among the skills that he will help you develop are; mastering the scoring options (14), shooting the conventional hook shot, proper way to post-up, how to use fakes effectively, etc. Click on Tall, Tough & Talented, and learn more about what you can do today to become a better post player tomorrow.

    Basketball Dribbling Fundamental Skills
    Basketball dribbling is a skill just like shooting, passing or playing defense that one can learn and be good at with proper coaching. A 12-time Guinness World Record Holder for various basketball handling skills, Coach Odhiambo will share with you tips and strategies that will help you become an amazing basketball dribbler in a very short time. See Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals start your workout today.

    One of World's Greatest Basketball Handling Demonstrations
    Coach Odhiambo has developed one of the world's greatest basketball handling demonstrations that he use to inspire his clients to make firm commitments to work hard and attain their goals. His amazing tricks include dribbling six basketballs, and spinning upto 24 basketballs at once.

    This unique demonstration has been seen all over the world at NBA and WNBA All-Star Games, colleges, high schools and other numerous sites across United States. If you need a master performer for your function, check out Amazing Ball-handling Show to see if Coach Odhiambo would be ideal for your event.

    Success Secret through Practice
    Success is not found in a magical bottle or some old scroll locked in a volt where only a few people have access to. All one need is to understand what it takes to succeed through practice. We all have the right attributes, however, you have to reach deep within yourself to bring them out.

    Coach Odhiambo uncovered the Secret to Success through Practice while working to develop his amazing basketball handling skills. If you don't know what it takes to succeed through practice, stop what you are doing right now, and go to Success Secret through Practice. Here, you will find tips and strategies that will totally change how you view about practice forever. Just working hard is not enough to succeed. You need to understand what it takes to succeed through practice.

    Sixty Minute Daily Workout Program
    We all need a simple program that we can use to stay in shape during the summer or get back in shape after a brief layoff due to injury, etc. Sixty Minute Practice Program is that simple program that will help you stay in shape or get in shape practicing less than an hour a day every other day. This program is amazing because it will not only help you stay in shape, it will also help you develop new skills while working out. Go to Sixty Minutes Daily Practice Program and customize the workout to fit your needs. I guarantee you, if you can work through the program in less than an hour, you will see amazing results in the game. If not, email me and I will personally help you design an ideal workout for you.

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